Can anyone help please?



Hi all, I’m pretty new to knitting and my mum taught me over the phone but were both stumped on this pattern.
Can someone explain what the split for the front and back means please?? I have got up to row 8 of my fair isle pattern but i dont think im going to finish it :frowning:


When you’re knitting with a grid the right side of your work, the front side of the train will be in the right, so you follow the grid from that side. The next row is on the wrong side of your work, so you’ll follow the grid flipped so the front of the train is on the left. Is this what you were having trouble with?


Hi McKenzieisconfused,

Thanks for the speedy response. Ive made it to row 8, what im stuck on now is the split for front and back and the part that comes after that. My next row will be row 9 which is RS but no idea which bit is to cast off etc


Welcome to KH!
What is the name of your pattern?
The 4 bound off sts on each side are for the underarms. The directions are to knit the given number of sts for the right front (as you would wear the cardigan), bind off 4sts at the underarm, knit across the back, bind off again and then finish by knitting across the left front. That’ll divide the fronts from the back. You’ll work one front shaping at a time and the back separately according to the directions that follow.


Hi salmonmac,

Its the womans institure baby onesie with train motif.
So do i put them onto stitch holders??? So the back and left both onto a stitch holder while i worl right front? At the minute its all on one needle.


The bound off sts are just that, bound off. As for the rest, yes, you can put the back and the second front on stitch holders until you finish working the first front. You’ll need to start with fresh ends of yarn for each of them.