can anyone help me to knit this shawl ?

I found this pattern on instagram: purlsoho
and i need help knitting this…
thank you so much :heart_eyes:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
It’s beautiful. It looks like the herringbone stitch pattern which I love. Do you have a pattern from Purl Soho or somewhere else?
Herringbone isn’t difficult to do but you need to pay attention and definitely use lifelines.


I found this pattern on Ravelry that looks pretty similar. The Rav photos look like a chunkier yarn was used, but the pattern is definitely the same or very similar. Hope this helps! I agree, that’s a lovely scarf.


yeaah…thank you it was exactly what i wanted to find…i didint know that the purlsoho has its own site …
thank you so much <3

Actually, it was @justlaura who made the great pattern find of Ravelry. Many thanks to her.
Purl Soho has a nice site and an interesting newsletter that is always fun to see.

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yes…she/he did ,.

i would be so thankful if you’d help me know how to knit the collar of this jacket ?