Can anyone explain ssk to increase 1 stitch

I have a pattern that is not very clear. it says slip,slip, knit slipped stitches(to increase by one stitch. I have tried several ways to do this but I cannot get it to work. Can anyone help?

SSK is a decrease, not an increase. Can you type up the particular line in the pattern?

There’s a mistake there somewhere. SSK [I]is [/I]a decrease.

Check the pattern again. Possibly the instructions have a yarn over (YO) before and after the SSK. A dishcloth pattern that I’m knitting right now has this kind of increase. This increases the stitches by one on each side of the dishcloth with the instructions repeated near the end of the row.

YO, ssk keeps the number of stitches even, though. I suspect that the pattern should have said decrease instead of increase–a typo. But without seeing the whole thing in context, it’s hard to tell. Who knows? It could be YO, YO, YO, ssk.:shrug: