Can anybody help me fix this mistake? Please!

Hi all,


I am so frustrated right now! I am knitting a booga bag in the round, and all of a sudden I noticed that I must have twisted a stitch or something, b/c all of a sudden my right side was my wrong side! I haven’t a clue how that happened, but anyways…I tried to fix it by “TINK-ing” and de-knitting each stitch, but now I think they’re even more twisted.

My question is this: how can I “frog” back to where the knitting was ok on circular needles? If I was on straights, I would just pull it off and then re-insert the needle. But how do I do this on circs? Re-inserting the needle all around the work seems daunting.



I’d re-insert my needle before ripping it back. As long as you know where your beginning of round is, it should be pretty straight forward because it’s all in stockinette stitch. That way you can fiddle around with it and make sure you pick up all the stitches of the same row and not worry about losing your work like you might if you ripped back first. It might take a little while but it will be worth it in the end.

Hey, thanks for the late night help! :slight_smile:

So, just to be sure: I should be able to take out the needle, re-insert it at the proper spot, then frog it out?

I’ll give it a shot!


I’d even leave the needle where it is for now, and use a spare needle for re-inserting. It is sometimes easier to use a much smaller size needle for re-inserting and then once you are ready to actually start knitting, start using the proper needle size.

Thanks so much knitqueen…I think I’m on the “road to recovery.”


It was so funny–I started freaking out when I realized the mistake I’d made, and my DH said, “Why don’t you go on that knitting website and see if anyone can help you?”

I should have listened to him before I wasted a half hour messing it up even further. :teehee: