Can a three needle bind off work when grafting is req.?

Hello, I have a friend who’s working on a hat and doing a calbe band. She’s finish the band but the doesn’t have a tapestry needle to do the req. grafting. So she can continue on with the hat? Is is it okay to do the three needle bind off…

Here’s the pattern …

Thanks! :slight_smile:

ETA: I bought this lot of knitting materials and in the package included a long oblong piece with a wooden piece near the end in between. It’s almost like a clim longer horse shoe. Any idea what it’s used for? Thanks again :slight_smile:

I would say that yes she could use the three needle bind off as long as the seam is on the inside. I would have it so that the seam is at the back of the hat. She will need the tapestry needle to weave in her ends later anyway though.

As for the strange object, it sounds like it might possibly be a hairpin fork for hairpin lace. If you could post a picture of it, or someting similar, it will make it easier to figure out.

Hello! Thanks for the info and as far as the object goes I think you’re right I looked up hair pin lace and the objects looked very simular. Thanks for that!


You are very welcome. That’s what we’re here for… that and getting [size=1]boobs[/size] into every thread we possibly can! :roflhard: