Can a scarf be too long?

I’ve been enjoying knitting with these colours, and thought I would like to finish the balls with this one, looooong, scarf. It IS narrow, and thin acrylic, so I think it needs some length for bulk. Plus, I really like doing this pattern, helps with concentration, and to avoid alzheimers, hehe.

But is it possible I might make it too long if I continue to finish up those two balls? It might end up to be 9 feet long.

If it’s not that wide, it can be doubled and the ends draw through the loop. And who are you knittig it for?

Do you like that length? Then it’s not too long.

Have fun, it’s just knitting. Neurosurgery has to be more accurate.

IMO they can be too long. If it’s made out of very thin yarn then it could wrapped a few more times I suppose. At it really comes down to who it’s for. A tall man might like it longer, but a shorter woman may not like it that long or not like having that much bulk around her neck. So…?

It’s pretty though! It doesn’t look all that long yet and if that is all the yarn you have I don’t think you’ll have a problem. :shrug:

My scarves tend to be very long, I made one who was 13 feet long, a bit too long.
Otherwise they tend to be from 6 feet up. I wouldn’t worry too much about the length, as long as the person the scarf is for doesn’t mind.

If it is a good length now, would there be enough of the two yarns left to make mittens or a headband to match?

Lovely pattern n nice color…the length depend on u …thnks for sharing

Love your scarf Woodi!!!:muah:

I made a scarf last year. I think it ended up being about 12’ long. I thought when I finished it, the length was fine. Until I tried to wear it. (Remember that it will prabably stretch) I ended up shortening it to about 8’. I took the ectra bit of length and made a mini scarf for my DD.

I think so. But most folks error on the side of “too short”! :teehee:

You can always get creative with a lonnnng scarf…but a short scarf? Well, yer just doggone stuck!

Naaaah, with a short one you can take out the BO and add a few inches. Unless you ran out of yarn…

Well I ended it at 64 inches, and mailed it off to an e-friend on, of all things, a gardening forum. She had just bought an orange winter jacket, and shrieked with desire to have this scarf.

Since I don’t know anyone who would wear these colors, I mailed it to a perfect stranger! (well, nobody’s perfect, hehe). She lives 1000 miles away so I’ll likely never meet her, but it was fun to do.

I washed it in Eucalan first, and blocked it, before sending.

What a lovely thing to do!

Kewl! That’s a good length and I’m sure she’ll get a lot use out of it.


I’m knitting things for almost perfect strangers as well…

But they have to meet me to get the finished item :smiley:

can be as long, as you want.:cheering:

I like long scarfs and stole. Some of them(specially from thin wool) below my knees and I put it around my neck yet…:knitting:

As far as I am concerned, the longer a scarf the more ways one can wear it. The only case I know of where a scarf was “too long” is Isadora Duncan!

Since cars don’t have spoked wheels anymore, guess people won’t have the same problem Isadora did with her scarf.

Here’s the pic of her jacket she posted. I lifted it from the gardening forum:

and the scarf stretched out:

Won’t they go great together? I asked her to post a pic when she gets it, of herself wearing it with her new jacket. I’ll show you the pic if she does.

See my bed quilt under it? those are the colors I live with and enjoy: soft pinks, greens, mauves…never yellow nor oranges!

What a lucky lady! It matches her coat perfectly, and it really came out great!