CAN a girl have it all in one yarn?

Im starting to research yarn for my first after-Christmas project…the Knitting Pure & Simple pullover. It calls for heavy worsted yarn, 4 sts/in on sz 9 needles.

Im hoping for something SOFT, first of all, so soft that I wouldnt have to wear anything under it, with mostly wool content AND machine washable AND with nice color choices.

Does that exist?? Ive been perusing yarndex & its just alot to look through. Im getting confuddled.

Well, if it didn’t have to be machine washable, I would say Malabrigo. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
Is that part totally non-negotiable??

I know me…and I wont wear it very often if I cant machine wash it. :frowning:

The yarn I’m using for the Skacel yarn ad sweater is working up wonderfully. How negotiable are your requirements? I’m using two strands of Sirdar Denim Chunky for the sweater.
*The yarn is a 60/25/15 mix of acrylic/cotton/wool… enough acrylic to be washable, enough cotton to be soft, enough wool to be warm.
*Gauge on the label is 14S 19R on US10/6.5mm needles
*Yarn is machine washable delicate, no dryer; dry cleanable

I’m recommending this yarn because after a little stumbling out of the starting gate, I have fallen in love with working with this yarn, and am so pleased with how my project is working out. I would love to make more sweaters out of this, but at $10.99 per ball on sale at my LYS for a 100g/156m ball, it won’t be happening again soon. cries for a way to get cheap yarn without cross-border shopping

KK, I am the same. I must have machine washable stuff.
now occasionally, something maybe in handwash, but I really hate doing that. not the actual washing, but having to find a place to lay it out to dry. that’s the headache!

My yarn shop said alot of yarns can be done in the machine if you have a super delicate cycle…

One of my co-workers buys alot of her yarns from here:

Some really pretty stuff.

Also check out Elann maybe they will have something.

casecade 220 superwash!!!

PS. you ARE waiting to start until after christmas right? like Dec 26th after christmas, or January after christmas? I’m trying to think ahead for KAL :slight_smile:

The Skacel ad sweater I did up my sleeve/swatch for is a post-Christmas KAL.

Wow kitkat, thanks for that link! There are some very interesting and pretty yarns there! (like I need yet another place to buy yarn!)

Hildegard, can you post a link of where to get it?

Cascade 220 superwash? The best price I’ve seen online is here.

Cascade 220 super wash is on sale here.

But…is the casecade 220 SW very SOFT? For some reason I didnt think it was…

Debbie Bliss yarns are often machine washable. How about Cashmerino Aran? Might fit the gauge, too.

OOH! That looks NICE, Mer!! Off to stalk EBay!!

Im still interested in cascade superwash reviews, though…

Thank you for the links. I may order some after my knitpick’s order gets here.

Kelly, my mom is knitting my DD a sweater in 220 superwash right now. I’ll grab it and fondle it next time she’s over. :wink:


I think you just need to go to the biggest LYS and fondle some yarn. I have felt some of the superwash wools and haven’t been super impressed with softness…but you would think at least one of them would be!