Camo yarn

My dad wants a wool vest he can wear hunting. He wants it to be 100% wool, and a mottled brown, and obviously in a yarn that will wear well with a minimum of pilling (though it won’t be washed often, since he’ll only wear it hunting).

He thinks he can get by with buying Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool, and dyeing half the skein a darker brown, but I’m concerned this would cause the dyed half of the skein to shrink.

So can anyone suggest a yarn that comes this way (in mottled brown only, no greens, no striping), or a method of acheiving the mottled look he wants that won’t cause yarn oddities?

Hmmmm… :thinking: These may not be what you want, but I’ll let you decide. Top left Lower right couple choices here

Oooo just realized these may not be wool. Not sure though.

Lorna’s Laces brand has a cool camouflage yarn, but it has green in it…