Cameo V-Neck Cable Pullover Sweater

Has anyone tried going for this pattern sweater before? Just want to know if it is a major pita or if it is reasonably un-complicated.

It is something that I want to make for my momma.


I hadn’t seen that one–I love it. I’m going to swatch for it tonight. I think I have the perfect yarn for it!:happydance:

I’m with Ingrid - GORGEOUS sweater. This goes in my to-do pile :slight_smile:

You asked if it was a ‘reasonably un-complicated’ pattern. Not knowing your level of experience, as long as you’re not intimidated by cables, and you’re comfortable with the “make 1” increase - the only potential complications I can forsee is in the finishing steps.

Quick read-thru, this pattern appears pretty straightforward EXCEPT for the 2nd and 3rd items in the “Finishing” section.

If you’ve done socks, Kitchner won’t throw you. If not, do not panic, it only seems intimidating at first. I’m positive Amy has good videos up.

The “sew cable extensions to back neck edge” are probably your held stitches from the back of the sweater … unlike others, I often have trouble visualizing the abstract, and will need to physically see the sweater to get that instruction around my brain.

I’d say go for it – and thanks very much for posting the link. Definitely a keeper.


My knitting experience is rather low - only one scarf under my belt (and I have been crocheting for 10+ yrs) but I feel comfortable with cables. And usually I don’t have too much trouble with learning new stiches, so I think I would do OK with the make-1 increase (although I can’t make any promises … :D).

We will see what happens. The hardest thing for me is to purchase the expensive yarn … but the sweater would be for my mom, so it’s more than worth it, right?

I started last night. The majority of the pattern is just k2, p1 ribbing on the right side and purl on the back, except for the cables. The cables aren’t complicated, either.

I’m making it out of Classic Elite Countess that I got from on close-out sale. It’s my new favorite yarn. Soooooo soft and my gauge was right on. You might want to check it out.

Thanks for the yarn tip, Ingrid. And thanks to both of you for the advice!!!

I am still a knitting newbie. Would this type of yarn work well on this sweater?

Eh. It’s thinner than the yarn in the pattern, and it’s not all that soft. Pills, too. :shrug:

WotA isn’t that soft. You could use Lion’s Wool Ease or KPs Swish Worsted or maybe their Andean Silk.

Thanks for the tips. I never thought yarn would be so complicated. :whoosh: