Calluses from knitting?

Do you have any? I was looking at my hands the other day and realized I have one on my right hand under my pinky finger (where I hold the yarn) and one on my left index finger (where I push on the needle tip). My husband said that means I knit too much. My response to that was…“There’s no such thing as knitting too much”. :roflhard:

I haven’t been knitting that much, so I don’t have those yet, but I did get calluses from crocheting, hehe. I might be starting one on the tip of the finger I use to push the needle too.

I also have calluses from writing. Went to catholic school for 11 years and penmanship was an everyday class.

OH yeah, I have one on my left index finger! It’s just beginning and, it feels like I may be getting one on my left middle finger, too :shock:

I don’t have calluses, but I have a permanent indent on my ring finger of my left hand where the yarn comes over it. Thankfully a ring covers it up when I go out. :wink:

I used to cross stitch so much that I had a callus on the finger that would “catch” the tip of the needle with every stitch. I just noticed the other day that it’s almost gone - after over 16 years it’s actually almost gone! Then I realized that I’ve not c-s’d since the day I learned to knit 7 months ago. :slight_smile:

I’d rather have knitting calluses than frownie wrinkles! :teehee:

[size=2][/size]I do have smiley wrinkles, though!

No calluses yet, but I am getting a sore spot where I push the needle with my left index finger! Hopefully I get the callus soon so the spot goes away.

And I don’t have wrinkles yet, but I get a squinty-tan line in the summer. Even when I wear dark sunglasses, it’s still too bright so I squint a little, and I get a thin white line going straight up from the inside of my left eyebrow. It was the worst the years I lifeguarded. Now I have indoor jobs (boo) and it’s not so noticeable.