Callus pains

I have this awful callus on my index finger. When I’m knitting with heavy yarn, it gives me no trouble at all. However, when it’s thin and light yarn, the callus starts to hurt A LOT. This is, of course, because I like my knitting to be as tight as possible.

So anyone know a way to reduce callus pains?

Also, could you tell me ways to hold yarn? (I’m a continental knitter)


I moved this to the General forum…thought you might get more answers on the callous pain :thumbsup:

How long have you been knitting? If your newer to it they may go away over time…maybe put a band aid over it?

For continental knitting you need to just see what fits your hands better…I tend to wrap around my pinkie…let the yarn rest over my ring and middle finger…and then use my index to control the tension :thumbsup:

Knitting tight is going to hurt more. Why do you like it tight?

You see, I like every stitch to be knit with the same tension. If I knit every stitch tightly, then all the piece will be tensioned equally.

I hold the yarn on my index finger, pulling it tight on every stitch.

I hold my yarn in the left hand between my middle & pointer finger, and the under my pinky. If I’m doing multicolor work, then I carry it also between my middle & ring fingers. I control the tension by keeping my finger close together. Maybe carry over your middle finger would be closest to what you do now.

I have some arthritis & if I knit in the same manner too long my hands ache. So I switch out styles & sometimes carry the yarn over the middle finger of my right hand. Plus, I use shorter 10" needles or circulars to take the strain off my wrists.

I’m in the process of teaching myself to knit left handed so I can knit across the row, and then back without flipping my work. At this point, my tension is terrible left handed. But if I keep at it, I’m sure it’ll get better.

I found, after knitting way too many socks, that knitting with a thicker yarn caused my callouses to fall off, because I was not constantly poking the ends of my thumbs and forefingers on the tiny DPNs. I used a small round “spot” bandaid. However, if I continue to have problems I will have to invest in something more permanent, but they worked well to get past the raw and angry stage.

But you deserve a brownie, at any rate. Yes, two brownies and call me in the morning if it continues and we’ll see if a nice danish won’t put all that soreness behind you.