Does crochet require some crazy callous?

I crocheted all afternoon (I am a noob…don’t do much crocheting…and am still only learning) and man…my middle finger on my left hand is really sore! Akin to learning the guitar! I assume this goes away with practice?

Just had to check my finger, and sure enough, I do have a callous on my middle finger. It’s on my right hand though, because that is where I hold the hook. Unless you are a left handed crocheter, I wouldn’t think you’d get one on your left hand.

I guess you need to spend more afternoons crocheting, then your fingers will get the proper conditioning! Any excuse, right?


[color="#330099"]It depends on how you are using your middle finger when you crochet.

I will assume you use your extended index-finger for pulling the yarn tension and pass the yarn behind your first three fingers and then wrap around your pinky-finger. That is a guess based on how Amy holds her yarn in her knitting videos.

I use the thumb and middle finger of my left hand to hold the work near the bottom of the stitch to be worked. If you have a tight tension, you may be using your middle-finger to push the stitch over the hook. I use to do that; especially when I was using crochet thread and steel hooks for doilies.

Do you wrap the yarn around your pinky? If so you might try just a weave of the yarn between fingers without wrapping. Have it pass behind the first(index) and ring fingers but in front of the middle and pinky. That gives a looser tension.

If that isn’t it, then tell us a bit more about how you hold your yarn, fingers, and hook as you crochet.

Or tell [S]me[/S] us if I guessed correctly.[/COLOR]