Calling all Vintage Knitting Patterns!

I’m am currently obsessed with vintage knitting patterns. And while I have searched around the web for some great ones, they’re just not coming up. So what patterns/sites is everyone else hoarding? Please share! Anything is appreciated! (this you have to join to get into, but i’ve heard it’s worth it)
That’s all I got. :shrug: Anyone else?

I haven’t knit anything on here, but someday:

Hi Sarah, (carmabelle1191)
Had seen your finished objects.
The socks you knitted on needles#1 are awesome.
The twisted scarf,hat and arm-warmers are cool!
I too like to browse vintage patterns.
Apart from the links you mentioned above, here are few more:
Enjoy! :thumbsup:

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Thank you dewdrops! I also love the good yarn website. So many awesome patterns.
Keep 'em coming! :thumbsup:

My Pleasure! :slight_smile:

Funny you mention this… :teehee: A few weeks back I put up for swap a CD that I had purchased with nothing but vintage (1940’s 50’s and 60’) patterns. The CD also has crochet patterns!!! I didn’t get any responds…At the time I wanted to start a “sock yarn stash”!!! Let me know if you are interested in it :hug:

How convienent (did I spell that right?). You said swap, right? What would you want in return? :muah:

Nope it’s convenient :teehee: But I got your point :cheering: I loaded it up (CD) and it’s all baby/toddler stuff (knit) the rest is misc (dollies, tablecloths stuff like that, in crochet) Are you interested in just baby stuff to knit :shrug: If so, in return (swap) I am lookin for nice fingering (sock) yarn or maybe a knitpicks gift certificate? I paid around $25.00 bucks for it (CD) and it’s mint condition!!! PM me if your are interested!!! :hug:

I have a knitting site (still need to type a bunch of patterns up, woops!), and is a great site too! From you get a spiral-bound booklet of patterns. I have two books. :smiley:


Baby shawl/blanket I LOVE this one, I think its so beautiful.

Stoles & shawls

High fashion hats

OMG! I love vintage knitting and crochet patterns! I spend a whole week not too long ago staying up very early in the morning looking up all that I could. Dewdrop beat me to most of the links, but I have a few to add She has some vintage patterns here, mostly doilies. - this is a store, but the products are reasonably priced - old books online

There’s another one somewhere. I have to find it though, I didn’t save the links, I just saved patterns hehe.

ETA: found one! They are translations of old doily patterns from Europe, I believe. I usually don’t like doilies, but there’s some cool ones out there. There’s WW1 and WW2 patterns here

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There’se also a website that gives away a pattern from Lion Brand’s book Lion Brand Yarn Vintage Styles for Today

I got some great vintage patterns from some magazines at a knitting swap.
They are from Germany, but all in English. I am goo-goo for vintage.

I’m planning on scanning them, or retyping them. If you’re not in a rush, I’ll be happy to share them with you.

Are you looking for anything in particular? I have a bunch of children’s patterns and some men’s stuff too.

I would love that! Thanks for sharing them with me (if you want to, I mean.) I am generaly looking for women’s patterns, though anything would be greatly appreciated. :hug: