Calling all teen knitters

hey! post ur age and how long u’ve been knitting if ur a teen.

I’m 16 and was just wondering if i’m the only one out there…

14 year old teen knitter of one year now. :waving:

hi jenelle! nice to have some company.

I am not a teen
so you may not want to hear from me
but my 2 Older Daughters seem to like knitting
14 Adg
11 bug

the baby does, but she is easily frustrated and is STILL working on her first Hat
gets maybe 15-20 stitches done each time she picks it up
should fit her OWN daughter quite well at this rate

but my 14 and 1 yo are both tallented and anjoy it
11yo has a couple bad habits (yanking the needles apart before knitting each new stitch for starters)
but they both make nice things


cool. i’m just glad to hear of any teen/pre-teen/child knitters at all :cheering:

I’m 19 till Friday :slight_smile: I believe I’ve been knitting since I was 17.

MY 10 yo has knitted for about 2 years. She just finshed her second Tychus hat and another Booga bag to gift to friends and relatives. She also just casted on for her first sweater. Dd is totally gitty at the fact she’s creating what SHE wants to wear.

Happy knitting!

My son - 18 - asked me to teach him. Between 2 crazy schedules, he hasn’t started yet, but he keeps saying he wants to. Does that count?

no more teen knitters? :pout:

My 17yo DD knits. She has made gauntlets, scarves, a felted hat and other things. She’s not a forum member, for which I am thankful. :teehee:

I’m 14 and I’ve been knitting for a year and a half.

I’ve spent my time on easy things and am only now trying to work on more difficult things.
Cables for one…I attempted double point needles, but theyre too aggrivating to get worked out straight and I’ve not done too much colour changing.
I also can’t figure out blocking, and I need to do my history homework that I’ve neglected for a week.


ok, my question is why do people always call their kids a “yo”? and what is “DD”?

I always figuere ‘yo’ to mean ‘years old’… when not obviously refereing to a yarn over.
And I also guessed that DD/DS/DH/et cetera mean Dear Daughter, Son Husband Et certera. Could be wrong about that though.

I’m a teen knitter too… although not for much longer, since I’m 18 already. Sadly, college gets way too much in the way of my knitting time, so I haven’t done too much guilt-free knitting this last month.

I try and reason that I NEED to knit on my Fetchings, because they really ARE for school… since I’m into astronomy, so I’m out at all hours of the night with my telescope, freezing to death, and my warmest jackect is too short in the arms. Hhaha. So far it isn’t convinving anyone.

If I just didn’t have to sleep so much… Think of how many extra hours that would give me for knitting! Hhahah.

You sound like me. :teehee:

Let me tell you that after using DPN’s for awhile, they don’t bother me much anymore. Cables get easier after the first few. You should DEFIANTLY work on color changing! Especially when making hats and wristbands. I love mixing odd colors together to see what they will look like in the end. :teehee:

I agree with that. :rofl:

ME. Been knitting for 4 years

how old are u?

i’m a teen knitter! :cheering: i’m 16, and i just learned how to knit this year. (via videos on youtube :D)

I was a teen knitter until last Wednesday. :shrug:
I learned when I was 17, my first quarter at college.

I’m 19, almost 20…so not technically a teen, but close enough. I just got started knitting about a week ago. The videos on here are great! I’m making a scarf with just knit stitch just to get used to it, but if I had figured out how to do this when I was a teen, I definately would’ve been knitting for longer! If you have any tips for me, feel free to send them my way!!!

:happydance: My son, 18, did start knitting! He’s about 6" into the scarf he wants to give to a friend! :woot: