Call me Grandma Tigger!

Baylee was born on Dec 29 at 9:04 pm and weighed 6 lb 9 oz and was 19" long. Mother and daddy doing fine! LOL. I’ve been spending nights with them and helping and now am back at work and I surely miss my baby!! the blanket behind her is the one I knitted.

awww look at her…cutie cutie! how many grandbabies is this for you now?

Welcome Baylee!! What a gorgeous baby! She doesn’t look like a newborn!

OMG!!! She is just beautiful!!! Look at all that hair. Congratulations!!!

I’m sure you will have lots of fun with her. :cheering:

3 grandbabies now. one grandson 7 1/2, granddaughter almost 3. they are my middle daughter’s children and Baylee is my youngest daughter’s child (their first) and she doesn’t look newborn, you are so right about that. she came out with this GORGEOUS completion and no redness or wrinkles etc. That hair blew us away. it is almost 2 inches long!!!
:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Awww, congratulations!!!
:wink: :thumbsup: …And nice blanket!!!

Congratulations! She’s beautiful!!!
I had a new neice born on Dec 29th too!

Congrats! :smiley:

She is precious! My daughter was also born with a full head of hair. None of it fell out! And it grows so quickly! Get ready with all those cute hair accessories! (beautiful blanket too!)


Congratulations! She is beautiful! What a great belated Christmas gift!

What a beauty! (cute blanket too!) :cheering:

Awww, she’s beautiful. Congratulations!!!


Congratulations! She’s a cutie!

One of my daughters was born with lots of hair, the other bald. LOL

:heart: :happydance: congratulations!!! :happydance: :heart:

She is beautiful! Such a lady with a pink hair bow! Enjoy the time you get to spend with her! You might want to wait a few months before you start teaching her to knit.

Congratulations, Grandma Tigger! She is just gorgeous! I think it’s sweet that her first photo includes your knitted blanket! :heart:

Awww, what a doll! Congrat Grandma!

thanks ya’ll. she’s such a sweetie
do ya’ll think I look a bit proud?? :thinking:
:roflhard: :roflhard:

Gotta love the grandbabies! Congratuations! :cheering: