Calculate decrease for hat

I always seem to have to c/o more sts than called for when knitting hats. That is fine.
So my question: is there a calculation method to adjust Decreasing.
For ex the pattern says c/o 72 sts, to begin dec k7 then k2t. I have 102 sts so I am wondering how to adjust the pattern for that.
If there is a common method then I could use that going forward.

How did you decide on 102? That will be harder to decrease evenly without having too many wedges or too few. What I would do is decrease 2 stitches on one row with a k2tog (about evenly split at 51) then you can decrease with a multiple of 10. For example -

k8, k2tog across row placing markers after each k2tog.
Knit even
k7, k2tog across
knit even
k6, k2tog across, etc…

To answer your question about an easy way to figure it out… eh I don’t know. I’m not a math person so I stick to what I know unless the pattern gives me the method.

Thank you!!!
102 was just to keep an even number.
Never considered decreasing issues.


Check this out.

I did see that, but it requires YOU to choose how many you want to decrease…which is what you’re looking for in the first place. I have this one bookmarked, too. It doesn’t have 102 though because it’s a number that doesn’t decrease easily. There are numbers that work evenly, but they either gave me too many wedges or too few.

YOU are too smart! Wow. I laugh at myself for arbitrarily choosing
A strange number, thinking as long as I used an even number,
As the pattern orig called for. Thank goodness for my fairy godmother! :slight_smile:

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Aww thanks! I’ve just been doing this long enough that I know some stuff. At least with hats. For stuff like sweaters, other than simple questions, you need someone else. lol

Here is one of my favourites so far. Completed with your help.
Love the long tail cast on edge!

What a stunning color and an altogether lovely hat! Well done, Bluejaygirl.

Wow, that came out great! Love it!

Thank you! It is so fun. And I am thrilled to have four hats for the shelter so far.

Thanks :relieved: Now can you wave your magic wand and make all brims done so we can start on the fun hat part?

Haha! All brims? How many do you have to do? What hat is next for you?

I love making hats, but am always glad when the brim
Is done. I will now attempt the snowflake hat I think I
Mentioned yesterday. First fair isle!

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