Cabling without a cable needle

Hey Knittinghelp! I haven’t been here in ages because I put my needles down for a loooong time.

I’ve picked them back up and am starting a sweater project with cables (Urban Aran by Paton’s). I know there’s a way to cable without a cable needle, but I forget where there’s an explanation.

Can someone point me toward some info?

I had a class on cables in late October and was stunned to find out that not only is it possible to cable w/o a cable needle, there are multiple ways of doing it!

One way is to use a DPN, maybe of bamboo so the stitches don’t slide off.

Another way is to let the sts hang in mid-air momentarily and then move them where they need to go, after the intervening stitches are moved over (I think KH has a video on this technique–ETA yes, here it is).

And you could also use something as mundane as a shortened chopstick ([I]hashi[/I]) or large bamboo skewer instead of a cable needle, too.


Thanks! I could not find the KH video! :slight_smile: Things have moved around a bit since I was last here. I did mean cabling without a cable needle as in - not transferring the stitches to a needle, skewer, DPN, etc.

I have DONE the technique before, just rusty at this point. It’s amazing how true that phrase use it or lose it is… I am sure it’s documented in many places but I wasn’t sure where to look.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

This is the method I use. I find that I only have to use a dpn for more complicated cables anymore. Saves a lot of time.

I cable without a cable needle. I find that they either fall out or are in the way. If you must use a cable needle, one that works great is a simple bobby pin. The bumps on the bottom hold the stitches securely. Bobby pins are also great as stitch holders, like when you’re holding stitches for making fingers on gloves. You can use several in sequence if you have a lot of stitches to hold.

I just learned to work simple cables and love using a DPN for it. Made knitting the held stitches a breeze! Here’s the site I used:

As long as the cable isn’t a big one you can do it w/o a cable needle. I prefer it w/o for quick cables when I’m doing 2x2 or so.

Yes, this is the technique I meant… it is quite handy! It’s not that I don’t HAVE a cable needle, just that they are so fiddly and dangly. For shorter cables I like this method.