Cabling without a cable needle

I saw a few posts about how to cable without a cable needle, and checked out Grumperina’s tutorial on how to do it, but I’d like to ask what the benefit of cabling without a cable needle would be? It seems to me like it’s some extra steps to cable without a needle, or is that not the case? Is it easier or faster or more effective to cable without a cable needle?

I did a couple of cables using the technique and honestly it seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth. I can do it with a needle much faster.

I learned cabling without a needle instead of learning with a needle, so can’t compare, but I totally love cabling without a needle. I find it really fast and easy, and quite addictive!

It’s one of those `try it yourself and see how you like it’ techniques. I don’t do much cabling, but for a twist of one or two stitches don’t bother using anything for a cable needle.

It is much faster for me to cable without a needle, just because I lose my cable needle (or the cat takes it) every time I put it down!

If you teach yourself to cable without the extra needle it is much faster to learn for some that if you learn with a cable needle…at least to some people… just one of those things… continental or english style knitting… :slight_smile:

Hmmph - all depends how good you are at catching three stitches in mid-air.

Our cats would probably get the hang of it quicker than I can.

And anyway, if it ain’t broke, … etc.

I can do it both ways, but prefer a needle. Probably because it is what I learned on and partly because I forget to hold the stitches “just so” so that they don’t slip out.

See, that’s what kind of freaks me out a bit. I’m a bit too nervous to think about cabling without a needle because of that one step that involves the stitches hanging loose, “unattended”, if you will. I don’t really ever get a time to knit when it’s quiet at my house, so I can totally see me losing my concentration and forgetting one or more of those uncabled stitches–yikes! I was thinking like Mason that maybe it would be more trouble than it would be worth, so I wanted to ask those out there that have done it and like the method what they liked about it. I’m always willing to try things a new and different way if they’re more efficient. Those cable needles [I][U]do[/U][/I] tend to get lost now and then for me…:oops: (but I made mine out of a cheapie dowel rod, so it’s not going to be a big financial loss if I lost it :teehee:)

I posted a similar question on the how-to section. I was having trouble as my knitting was too tight, but definately wanted to try the sans-cable needle trick.

I’ve been keeping at it and its getting better. I’m starting to like it a little, lol. We’ll see how it goes. If I continue to get better at it I think I’ll keep doing this for simple cables. If not, no sweat.:woot:

I’m with Mason. I tried it and it was a pain.

The KH video on cabling without a needle is GREAT. It shows you how to hold the stitches up against the needle with your finger so they aren’t really out in the breeze and can’t unravel. Once I got that, I thought cabling without a needle was brilliant. But, sometimes I do just feel like using a cable needle. It’s all good!

I have been doing alot of cabling from Viking Patterns
to Knit by Elsebeth Lavold and they all seem to be 2 over
2 crosses. I have found that I am able to do it much
quicker and neater without a cable needle. However, I have
heard the wider the crossing, the more fiddly it gets without
the extra needle so I’d probably use the needle for wider
crossings. But like most people have said, it is like anything
else in knitting, it is all about personal preference! :slight_smile:
Libbie :slight_smile:

I also lose my cable needle so I love knitting without one. I was thrilled to learn it. :yay:

Now this is interesting! Sometimes my cabling looks a bit “loopy” if I don’t mess with it, so maybe the no needle option might be a good thing for me to try…:think: I’m glad you mentioned this, Libbie!

One tip I’ve learned for the loopy issue is to wind the yarn in the opposite direction to purl the next stitch after the cable crossover to kinda tighten it. Then on the next row to knit that twisted stitch thru the back loop. Really helped my loopy cables tremendously!

Yep, I always knit combination (except in the round) and it
definitely helps me with neater stitches!
Libbie :slight_smile:

I’ve got so many things to learn! Well, it’s a good thing…keeps my brain busy! :teehee: