Cabling without a cable needle!

Wow! I just finished a cabled section on a pillow I am
making and since it is a woven knot with tons of crossings
I decided to try the cabling without a cable needle idea
and I love it!! I was really worried about dropping the
stitches at first but got to used to it really quickly and the
cabling section was over before I even realized it! I see
myself doing much more cables now that there is a bit
faster way to do it! Just wanted to share…:slight_smile:

That’s great :cheering:! I tried cabling with out a needle with bulky yarn and i didn’t like it, because my stitches somehow got bigger and looser…Maybe i should try with thinner yarn:??

So strange - that’s exactly what I’ve been researching yesterday and today! I’m hoping to try it a bit later :slight_smile:

Where can I get details on how to do it?

Try this one:

There is also a new video on this site!! I only found it
today. It is under the advanced techniques tabs, decorative
stitches section. It felt a bit odd at first and scary since
you have to pull the needle out of stitches for a moment and
reinsert but for me the key was pinching the knitted stitches
below those I needed to pull the needle of very tightly against
the other needle so they were sort of “gripped” and could
not unravel. The more I did it the better and easier it
got…just like everything else I have learned in knitting haha…

Is it the same as the ones in other websites? I just saw the video too and it wasn’t quite the same.

I was only now able to watch the video and it is a bit
different from the other instructions out there. It seems
to me though the only difference is that here she is not
slipping the stitches to be swapped to the right needle first,
she is doing the swap from the left needle. It is all basically
the same idea though so it seems you could follow whichever
instruction you understand better! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna be a bit blasphemic and admit to liking grumperina’s instruction better, they just seem easier somehow. And also they seem more doable with cables that are a bit thicker, cuz as far as I remember Amy did 2 corssed over one on her video and said something about more not being that optimal? Or have I totally forgotten the video?
Anyways whichever way works better for the individual knitter is best. :happydance:

Ok, I’m following all this cabling without a cable needle stuff and what I want to know is – what is so bad about cabling WITH a cable needle?

I think cabling with a needle is a breeze so I can’t figure out why you would need to cable without one. I looked at the Grumperina’s instructions and Amy’s video and I still can’t get why you just don’t use a cable needle. BTW, I also like Grumperina’s instructions better (sorry, Amy!) Both techniques seem like a lot of work to do something I can do with a cable needle much more easily.

Anyone fill me in?



The grumperina one was a 6 stitch cable…is Amy’s the same?

Amy doesn’t like to do cables without needles if she has to cable 3 or more stitches. On her video she cables 2 stitches.

I generally don’t cable with a needle, but it DOES get abit harder when the cable is bigger. I don’t like there to be more than 4 stitches to “catch” unless I am using particularly pointy needles (which does help)

Oh I didn’t have any trouble using the cable needle but I have
been trying to knit with my 2 year old running around and the
idea of having one less needle to juggle while keeping an eye
on her was very appealing. This is the same reason I switched
to 2 circs for socks :slight_smile: All the cabling I have been doing is
just 2 sts over 2 sts so doing it without the cable needle is
quite easy and quick!