Hi! I have a question about a pattern using cables. I have a pattern for a hat and when it gets to row 3 using the cable I am lost! It reads: C4b, P2, K4, P2, C4f.

First of all let me say that I have watched the viedo about cables on this site and I am going by what I saw.

In my head that means: Cable 4-put 4 stitches on a cable needle, then pearl 2, then do I go back and knit those 4 on the needle? Then knit 4 more, pearl 2, then put 4 more on the cable needle-----then what?? :wall:

I see in the clip that when you cable in the front you let the cable needle hang in the front-back in the back.

I guess I just don’t really understand the pattern I’m trying this out for the first time and I’m really frustrated. Can someone help me??:knitting: :help:

Sorry for the rambling!! Thanks!

Believe me, cables are EASY BREEZY and once you figure it out you will be HOOKED.
Cables are usually worked over a number of row, so EVERY row is not a cable row, usually every 3rd or 4th row.

with your cable needle slip 2 stitches from your left needle onto the cable needle. Drop the cable needle with the two stitches to the BACK of your work. Knit the next two. The pick up the cable needle and knit the 2 stitches from the cable needle.


Is exactly the same thing ONLY instead of dropping the needle to the back of your work you drop it to the front.

usually the next three rows (the pattern should tell you) you would knit those four stitches on the right side and purl them on the wrong. Then follow the directions for the steps in between.

I just LOVE cables.

Watch the video here, with your knitting in hand and you should be doing it in no time.

Thanks! I will give it another try today after work!

The C4 (or 6 or 8) shows how many sts altogether make up the cable. So for a C4, you put 2 st on the cn, then work the next 2 off the left needle and go back to the 2 on the cn. Your pattern should have an explanation up at the top for C4B and C4F.