Cabled Fingerless Gloves? - Frogged

Well, I’m having another issue, or well, I’m anticipating an issue.

Here is the pattern for what I’m making…
Has anyone made these yet?

I’m on row 27, and looking ahead to where to start the thumb gusset and it’s kind of scaring me.

[B]Start thumb gusset:[/B]
[B]Row 38:[/B] k around until pattern end, k 8 sts St st, place marker, k2, place second marker, k around.
[B]Row 1:[/B] k to marker. Slip marker, M1*, k to last st before marker, M1, slip marker.
[B]Row 2:[/B] k round.
Repeat these 2 rows until 16 sts are between markers.
Next row: k to last stitch before first marker, M1.-trust me on this.
k around to first marker.
Slip marker off. Slip first st from gusset onto right needle. Place 14 sts for thumb gusset onto waste yarn. Replace slipped stitch from right needle back to left needle. k2tog. And continue in round until you’ve reached a comfortable length minus 6 rows for the ribbing. k the last 6 rows in ribbing. BO off all stitches.

What I don’t get is this:
[B]Row 38:[/B] k around until pattern end, k 8 sts St st, place marker, k2, place second marker, k around.

I’m to knit around until the pattern end? What does that mean? Does it mean to work the pattern stitches, and then start counting the 8k stitches afterward? Looking at the picture, I can’t really tell.

I’m anticipating so many issues with this… Just wanted to get suggestions and a good picture of how it’ll work before I get there, so I don’t end up frogging back a million times…

Thanks guys…

I’d say the ‘pattern end’ is the purls after the cable–then count 8 from there.

Okay… thats what I was thinking… I’m trying to avoid the whole frog a million times thing :slight_smile: Thanks…

ugh… M1’s are evil… they’re making my hands ache.

Doing M1’s into M1s of the previous row is next to impossible. Is there a trick to it? :frowning:

Swearing loudly helps. :!!!:

When I have a too-tight M1 to make, it usually works to put the needle in the front and then slip it over the left needle, keeping it under the loop.

Hehehe oh yes… there was swearing… lots of it…

I’ll try your suggestion on the next round… I think I only have two more rounds to go… unless i can’t count… which is entirely possible! :smiley:

Just now realized that I was reading the directions completely wrong for the thumb gusset. Frogged back 4 rows to try and fix, and couldn’t pick the stitches back up.

Got frustrated. Frogged the whole thing and tossed the yarn. It was too splitty. I have too short of a temper for splitty yarn.

I’ma go have a cry now.

I love that pattern…I hope it’s not too hard when I get around to it. :shifty:

Not hard… I’m just unable to follow simple instructions. :expressionless:


You SWEAR??? :noway:

Ingrid swears???



Just kidding!