Having never done anything even remotely resembling a cable, I need assistance please… Have started the Irish Hiking Scarf and have reached Row 8, which reads…

K4, P2, C6F, etc, etc… with explanation of C6F as, slip 3 sts onto a cable needle and hold to front of work. K3, then K the 3 sts off cable needle.

Now, my question is about the “slip 3 sts onto a cable needle” part. Do I literally just slip them over to the cable needle?

Yes, one at a time you move the 3 stitches over to the cable needle without actually working them.

And I’ve seen references to “slip knitwise” or “slip purlwise”, this doesn’t specify. Does it matter which way it’s done and if so, how do I know which way? (Can ya tell I’m just a bit paranoid about this attempt? LOL)

In the case of cables, you slip as if to purl. If you slipped as if to knit, you would be twisting each stitch and you do not want that to happen.

Alrighty then…ALWAYS slip as if to purl…got it…and THANK YOU

Just to clarify, you will sometimes slip as if to knit, but not with cables.

gotcha…and thanks again :slight_smile: