Cable stitches

I’m very new to knitting and i want to learn to do a cable stitch i’m lookking at some gerneral instructions and it seems i always have to have some purling on the sides, can’t i due just the knit stitch and do the cable in the middle of that or do i have to purl? i was thinking of making a scarf with a cable stitch in the middle of that, can that be done?? help please

Since the cable front always seems to be in knit, the surrounding stitches are usually in purl to make it stand out. You could try doing a cable right in the front of the stockinette st and see how you like it. I think it will pull the other stitches and make them look a little funky. The purls probably help disguise that.

Can I ask you why you don’t wanna purl? You don’t like the look of it or is something else?

Sorry to be nosy…I’m new too, and I also love cable!