Cable stitch!


I’m a newbie to knitting and to this site. I wanted to say this site is awesone!! I learned how to crochet very young but have always wanted to learn to knit. I’ve mastered the knit and purl and stockinette stitches and now I’m trying to learn the cable stitch.

Thanks to the site creator “Amy” I think…?? How wonderful of you to share your talent with all us beginners.

I do have a question I was hoping someone could answer. When doing a cable stitch do you just repeat the next row as the first? Are all rows the same?

Also the knitting needles used in the viedo (cable stitch) what are those called? Brand? They look very easy to use as they are short.

Thanks again for this great site! :smiley:


Hi Tori! Welcome!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the site!

To do cables, you only need to “twist” the cables like I show in that row, once every so often. With those particular cables, I think it was every 6th row. So, you just do plain knitting the knit stitches, and purling the purl stitches, for 5 rows, and on the 6th row, you twist the cables.

The knitting needles I used are my Boye Needlemaster Interchangeable needles. They are circular needles, where the needles are short and unscrew from the cables, so you can have circular needles of different cable lengths. The new ones come with 13 different needle sizes.

The short wooden cable needle I used I bought from my LYS. I don’t remember their name, but you can make similar ones from plain wooden dowels, as shown in the video on making your own needles.

Happy Knitting!
(site creator. Yup, that’s me! :wink: )

I decided to try a cable knit pattern that I found on this website yesterday. It’s the Irish hiking scarf. It’s a little difficult for me, but I’m getting the hang of it. I would recommend that scarf for practising the cable knit. It has a great pattern. I think the second row should always differ from the first row. When you look at the cable stitch from the back side of the project, one side of the cable is knitted, therefore for it to stand out from the background, the other side has to be purled. I think…
Anyway, good luck on your project. I hope it goes well.