Cable Scarf Pattern

Any help would be much appreciated! I’m very new to knitting and I wanted to try this pattern as my first project. (I’m bored with practice swatches.) The instruction was written down and given to me by a woman in a fabric store where the scarf was displayed last year, so I can’t get help there.


  1. Cast on 32
  2. K2, P2 19 rows
  3. K2, P2, Cable 24, K2, P2
  4. K2, P2, 29 rows, K2, P2
  5. K2, P2, Cable 24, K2, P2
  6. K2, P2, 19 rows

Hi Jo, and welcome to KH!! :happydance:

I wish I could help you but the cable 24 is missing how you work the cables…to the front, to the back… how many… could you ask the lady if she remebers anything else about the pattern? You might want to check out KPCthey have some free patterns and you might find one you like with cables instead or one that comes close to what the shop has :thumbsup:

I suggest instead of doing that you try Silver’s Palindrome scarf pattern. It is easy to knit, well written, looks great and is reversible. Good luck with your project!

there’s a hat to match…

I like your monkey. :slight_smile:

Like other said, you have no details on doing the cable here, that’s a shame.

Here is the cable scarf pattern I used, it really is easy to follow, just have faith and do what they say step by step. This was my 3rd project, my first cable and turned out wonderful :slight_smile:

I simply picked a different color and made it shorter, because it was for my father.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Yea , Lion Brand has a nice (beginner one) I think it’s called “Reversible Cable Scarf” very nice pattern (I used a wool blend) instructions are given on CF and CB…and I used a dpn (same size as my straight) to do the cable…Cheley