Cable Scarf from Men's Knits

I am trying to knit the Cable Scarf from “Men’s Knits” the pattern (as I have it) is as follows:
CO: 26 st
R1: (RS) P4, K18, P4
R2: (& all WS rows) P
R3: P4, K6, C 12F, P4
R5-R10: [repeat rows 1&2] 3 times
R11: P4, C12B, K6, P6
R13-R16: [REP. rows 1&2] twice

Repeat these 16 rows until work measures about 19.5 inches. ending w row 16 of pattern.

I have followed the pattern but my cables don’t come out right. It comes out like a big hole in the scarf, not anything like a cable should look like. I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with the pattern?

Please help!

When you cross 6 sts over another 6 sts, there’s going to be some gaps - that’s just how cables are. Do the whole 16 row repeat and look at the first cable, see if it looks better after you’ve knit more rows past it. Pull down on your knitting a little; this can show you a little how it will look when you’re done. Washing and/or blocking will also even out the sts somewhat.

Can you post a picture of how this is ‘supposed’ to look??


I don’t have pictures for this cable specifically, but here are some general cable patterns…

You’ll see in the Lion cable that there’s a sort of gap where the sts cross. That’s the normal part I was talking about. It also helps if you don’t knit tight. Go up a needle size, or keep your sts loose. Pulling the yarn tight stretches the yarn too much and makes the holes more noticeable.

I attempted to knit this pattern on some scrap yarn and noticed that in the first cable row, the cabling part comes after K6. Then, in the 2nd cable row, the K6 part comes first, THEN the cabling after.

When I tried knitting these directions for the first 16 rows, it looks like somebody tried to tie a knot in the middle of the piece. I always thought the cables were supposed to be right above each other.

Later this afternoon, I’m going to try knitting more of this pattern, to see what it looks like. 'Cuz it sure doesn’t look like much right now.


I continued knitting the next 2 ‘sets’ of 16 rows and THAT’S when the cable appeared!!! All those alternating cable rows together form a HUGE cable twist!!! It will look great!!!

Just continue knitting Rows 1-16 over and over. What originally looks like a big bunch of nothing will eventually turn into a beautiful cable right in the middle of the purl garter stitching!!!

Happy Knitting!!!

Some cables are offset, not always stacked. Here’s a couple examples -