Cable/round issues

Well, I’m learning how to cable… for this month’s challenge. So I chose a beautiful pair of cabled fingerless gloves. (its a PDF…)

This is also my first project in the round. First question. When working in the round, is it like crocheting where you just keep going around and around? Or do you have to turn it at the end of each row?

Now…I’ve done the 5 rows of k2p2 ribbing.

Then it says to start the pattern. The pattern reads as this:
Cable (worked over 10 sts):
Row 1: (RS): p 2, sl 2 sts onto cable needle and hold in front, k 2, then k 2 from cable needle, k 4, p 2.
Rows 2-4: Work sts as they appear.
Row 5: (RS): p2, k2, sl 2 sts onto cable needle and hold in back, k 2, then k2 from cable needle, p2.
Rows 6-8: Work sts as they appear.

Is it just me, or does Row 1 have 12 stitches? What do you suggest I do? I’m really bad at frogging… I usually just pull the whole thing out and start over again if i’ve screwed up this bad.

I’m going to try and frog back to the beginning of the first cable row…

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Yes you do keep going around on circs. I don’t know the answer to the cable question though…I’ve never used one :doh:

Must be a typo, since the chart for row 1 says to P2, do your 4 cable st, K2, P2. This gives you the 10 st.

You aren’t too far along to frog, which is what I would do (but I’m anal to the nth degree!). If you frog, you could then stick in a lifeline after your last row of ribbing before you start the cabling, then if it gets screwed up you at least don’t have to redo the ribbing.

So follow the chart and not the directions? The chart looks right?

Well, i’ve just started over… fixed my tight cast on… so hopefully I can get back to where i was in short time. :slight_smile:

how do you put in a life line? :slight_smile:

The rest of the directions follow the chart, it’s just row 1 that’s screwed up, so you can follow written or chart directions after row 1, whichever works for you.

Oh, you’ll love lifelines! Instructions [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”][B]here[/B][/COLOR].

Ooh my goodness… GENIUS!! Thank you so much!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you!

I knew you’d love them, LOL. Happy knitting!