Cable repeat

I’m tring to do cables in the round on wizard and don’t know if this is right could you explain? it it written out like this on my pattern I made

Row 1 k1,c6 *k3,c6 rep from *. End on K2. work 9 rows

How do I cable 6?

12 st repeat
does this mean multiple of 9 sts plus 3

cable six usually means to slip 3 sts onto a cable needle and hold them to front (or back) of the work. knit the following 3 sts, then knit the 3 sts from the cable needle. Check out the decorative st video section under the Advance Techniques tab at the top of the page. There’s a video on cables to give you an idea. :wink: (Here’s the cable video)

Sorry, I’m not sure about the 12 st repeat. It looks like a 9 sts repeat to me… :??

Well, I’m no expert by any means and new to cabling really, but I would think that means you are doing a 6 stitch cable. I think that would mean put three stitches on the cable needle, knit the next three, put the three back on the needle and knit them. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Someone should be along soon…

Spoken like a future cable guru :wink:

So if I’m doing this in the round do I just knit because there’s no wrong side. I’m just trying to figure out what this sweater wizard is telling me what to do :?? I’m changing a flat sweater pattern to round and want to make sure I know what there telling me to do.When I do cables in the round how do I know when to hold in back or front?Because on the pattern I’m changing it says to hold sts in front on purl rows.

Ah … yes … I see what you mean. True, there are no purl rows in the round. So then you just have to determine where would the purl rows be … meaning would the purl rows be odd or even rows?? If the pattern is telling you to hold the cn in front of the work, then I’d still do just that because the designation of front of the work doesn’t change just because you’re knitting in the round… :thinking: So if your purl rows are odd, then I would assign the cable instruction to the odd rounds.

Hm … I hope that helps… :thinking:

Yes it does :smiley: Thanks everybody for your help :thumbsup: