Cable question

I just knit my first cables, and they seemed surprisingly easy to do - but I may have done something wrong. On the back of the piece, there are long strings reaching across the cables. Are they supposed to be there?

To describe it more clearly: The strings reach from where I finished knitting the part on the regular needle to where I start knitting the stitches on the cable needle. I’ve looked for photos of the backs of cabled pieces, but haven’t found any; I would include a photo of mine here, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.


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Thanks! Here it is - I marked the strings to make them easier to see. (Remember, this is the back; the front actually looks good.)cable

If it looks OK on the front I wouldn’t worry about it. I looked on my first cabled sweater and it has some long ones from the background to the cable.
I thought you were describing a strand going far across like something got caught and pulled across. I think that’s the result of pulling the stitches out of order, especially since yours seems to be at the cross.

I love cables. They’re easy and the results look so great.

Thanks for the encouragement! I’m going to keep playing with it to see what might work - since it only happened about half the time, it must be something I did that I can fix - just can’t quite figure out what …

There’s less of it on my later cabled sweaters. You’ll probably even out in future stitches without trying as tension gets better. (But some will be there, nature of the beast when crossing wide cables.)
You could figure where they’re connected and try to distribute the extra down the line but I wouldn’t worry about it at least until after blocking/washing and only if it shows on the front.

Found the answer in this great video tutorial - the instructor had made the same mistake I had, and showed how to fix it!


Glad you found it. I would’ve never thought you were doing that. I’m amazed it doesn’t leave a hole in the front.