Cable Question: Vogue Mag (Spring/Summer 2006)-Cable Sweater

Hi all,

I just started the cable sweater from the spring/summer 2006 Vogue magazine (pg. 130). I’ve made cables before, but I’m not sure about these. This is the stitch glossary.

4-st RC=sl 4 sts to cn and hold to back, k2, k2 from cn
4-st LC=same, but hold to front
4-st RPC=sl 4 sts to cn and hold to back, k2, p2 from cn
4-st LPC=same, but hold to front

My question is, I slip 4 stitches to cable needle, hold to back (or front), then k2 and then k2 (or p2) from cable needle. What do I do with the other 2 stitches on the cable needle? Do I just slip them off to the right needle?

Hope you can help. Thanks!!

I think there’s a crucial error in all these directions. a 4-st Cable should have you slip 2 to cable needle, knit two and knit two from the cable needle–not slip all 4.

ETA–I just checked the pattern and picture in the magazine, and I’m sure there’s a mistake.

Thanks- That’s what I think also. I’ll slip 2 sts for each of the 4 stitch cables.

What about the next set of cable instructions? Do they sound right? I think they would work, but I’ve never tried cables like these before.

6-st RPC = sl 4sts to cn, hold to back, k2, sl 2 sts from cn to LH needle and p2, k2 from cn

6-st LPC = sl 2 sts to cn and hold to front, sl 2 sts to 2nd cn and hold to back, k2, p2 from 2nd cn, k2 from first cn.

This is a lattice cable (hopefully!)

I so appreciate your help…don’t know what I would do without you guys.

Those seem to be right, though it took me a second to envision the second one. I’ve never done a cable with two needles before, and when it says k2, p2 from 2nd cn, I thought they meant to get all those stitches from the cable needle. Then I realized that the k2 is from the left needle.

I never really took a close look at this sweater before–I like it!!

Cable is coming out beautifully----thanks to your help. I sent 2 emails to Vogue Knitting. Hopefully, they’ll print a correction to the pattern.

Thanks again.


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