Cable Panel starts on wrong side?


I’ve got what I thought was a simple, four-row cable pattern.

Everything seemed ok - first cable row started on a right (odd numbered) row after the ribbing.

However, further along the pattern for the sleeves and upper body, I’ve found this change:-

Work 12 rows of 2x2 rib

[B]13th Row:[/B] Rib 10 and Make 1 (increase row) etc.,


[B]1st Row:[/B] K9, p2, C4B,CF4, p2, k9

This 1st Row is obviously the 14th row to be worked - how come the instructions begin the cable on even numbered row, when the previous ones were, as usual, started on an odd row?

I’ve contacted Sirdar and asked them about this but I’ve received a reply saying they’ve a backlog of e-mails (wonder why?) and will get back to me when they can.

Anyone got an inkling about this, please?

Yours, Banjaxed and Bewildered:??:zombie:


That’s weird. (You’re working this flat, right?)

Would it mess up your sizing if you just inserted a 14th row of ribbing before you went into the cable again?

Make your cable on either the 13th (with increase) or 15th row. One row shouldn’t matter.

Hi Dawn and Sue

Thanks very much indeed for your quick replies - this thing has been driving me nuts.

Yup, it is knitted flat, Dawn, and what bothers me is that these particular instructions are for two items - a baby bag and a baby all-in-one suit and they’re dotted about all over the place.

If it had happened just the once, then I would have put it down to a mis-print but the only thing that seems correct is the pattern after the ribbing on the bag (7th row and then a pattern change on 11th row).

Is it normal for such a clanger throughout a pattern to go unnoticed? This particular pattern is part of a book of Aran knits for babies and toddlers - Hmm - if I want to knit anything else from it, I’ll get the magnifying glass out.

Many thanks again to both of you for your kind help.:hug::hug:

You’re very welcome!

That’s the difficulty in written-out patterns; a little typo here and there can really mess with your knitting.

Do you chart at all? You might find it useful to chart out your pattern first, or at least the cabled/colorwork sections to make sure everything’s hunky-dory before you start. Nice way to check for errors and give you a visual cheat sheet for your pattern.

I’d just start the cable row one row earlier. When you get to that point it should be very obvious that it’s time for the cable.

Thanks for the tip, Dawn. I’ll have a go at charting out the cable - reason I don’t tend to use them is that my eyes tend to ‘dance’ about with squares and no, you don’t want to see my crossword answers!

If all the even rows are worked as knit the knits and purl the purls, then they forgot to mention row 14.

Hi Limey!

I have nothing to suggest about the pattern problem (although I think Ingrid is right) but I’m glad to see you’re feeling well enough to knit again! :knitting:

Thanks very much Mason and Ingrid - I’ve had another look at the pattern and the row after the cable is very much knit the knit and purl the purls.

I dunno - employing a bunch of amnesiacs to set out a pattern, - [COLOR=Red][I]mumble, mutter, fizz, pop, curse [/I][/COLOR]- it’ll be interesting to see what Sirdar make of this and I’ll let you know when (if?) I get an answer, and while I’m at it, I’ll ask if there are any other stuff-ups in the pattern book.

Thank you too, Anna; the trapped ulna nerve is getting better since I’ve seen the Push-Me-Pull-You bloke, who sets about taking my head off once a week. First time I saw him, he twisted my neck to the right and the crack was so loud that for one horrible moment I thought he’d pulled a gun. :shock:

Many Thanks again folks for your kind help.

Have you looked on the net to see if that pattern has corrections? I started a pattern and frogged it 12 times before checking and finding out the pattern was littered with errors.

Glad your knitting again.

Hiya EllsBells

I did have a quick mooch on the net but drew a blank. I think this pattern book is fairly new on the market and perhaps it hasn’t been out long enough for the howls from anguished knitters to be put on any correction/errata sites.

But many thanks for the thought.


Is it possible the ribbing starts from the wrong side
so that the odd rows are on the wrong side and even
rows on the right side so when you get ready to do the
14th row that is also the first row of cable pattern it is
the right side? Just a thought! :shrug:
Libbie :slight_smile:

Then it wouldn’t have you cabling on Row 13…

Oh, is that 13th row being cabled? I thought it was just
an increase row and then the cabling starts on the next
row… oh well! :slight_smile:

Ooops, remembered wrong. Got it confused with my advice to do the cable on the 13th row. And do an increase.

I’d just do another row of ribbing and move on, I think.:shrug:

Many thanks Ingrid and Libbie -

I wondered that as well, about maybe the cable DID start on the 14th row but I checked the previous part of the pattern and the cabling for that started on an odd row.

At one stage, I was so stymied that I began to wonder if the pattern was some sort of Zen Meditation.

Ooohhh - [COLOR=Red]misprints @"!@@@!!! :hair::grrr:

[COLOR=Black]It’s the sort of mistake that could put a new knitter off cables for life.:eyes:

I’ll just add another row and get cracking.