Cable newbie needs help reading a pattern!

Hey everyone, I’m trying to make the good ol’ cable scarf and I have a question. The pattern has the appearance of having a ribbing at the sides, so I thought this would be k1,p1 and then on the next row p1,k1. However, the pattern says k1,p1 on every row. Wouldn’t this not result in a rib? Or are all of the lines written from the right side of the work? I’m majorly confused on this issue. The link to the pattern is


It’s hard to tell from the picture. It almost looks like seed stitch to me.

So you’re casting on an odd number of stitches so even though it says to k1, p1 across, you’re ending in a k1. On the next row you’re starting with a k1, so it probably is seed stitch. If you want ribbing, then start with p1.

Looking at the picture it almost (at little hard to tell) looks like six stitches of seed stitch on the outer edges, then a couple of ribs right before and after the main cable panel.

It’s a VERY pretty scarf. My great-aunt loved :heart: both cranberry yarn and cables. I may have to do this one in her honor. She’s the one who taught me how to knit!

I’m going to take this pattern home tonight and give it a whirl. I’ll write back tomorrow, but for now I’d follow the pattern as written, and I bet it will work out.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:



I gave this pattern a whirl, and it’s nice.

You have 7 stitches of seed stitch on each edge, then moving inward, 3 stitches of stockinette, 2 stitches of reverse stockinette, then the center cable pattern which covers 9 stitches. (For a total of 33 stitches.)

There are a couple of ideas I have if you want a little change.

  1. Instead of the 3 stockinette stitches you could rib the center stitch.

  2. You could do the braided cable over the three stockinette stitches halfway offset from the main cable. I think this one would look especially good.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX: