Cable Net socks chart difficulty

I am making Cable Net from Knitty
I have only gotten as far as round 3 for size C. I am really bad at reading charted patterns, and herein lies my problem I guess. Here is what the pattern says so far after the cuff:

Sizes A, C, E Only:
Work Rounds 1 - 2 of Chart B, working section between red lines 3[-, 4, -, 5] times, then proceeding to section to left of red lines. 84[-, 108, -, 132] sts.

Work Rounds 3-18 of Chart B four times. Proceed to Heel Flap.

So, if you look at chart B, there are the red lines that are mentioned for rounds 1-2. Do I work rounds 3-18 following the chart all the way across and repeating the whole thing, or do I follow the chart to the red line and repeat and then the last part at the end of the round? I have been knitting for 21 years, but I really am not good at charts!! I really want to get this pattern to work out though, its just so pretty and I needed a nice pattern to make these all black socks not boring LOL.

Can anyone help? :shrug: I really want to continue this project. :wall:

I’m not a exprt but it looks like to me that you knit straight across 3-18 other wise it would tell you about the red lines again

I was thinking as Julie was thinking, but then I couldn’t understand why have the red lines in rows 3 and up at all? I was a bit confused. How about emailing the pattern write? As it turns out, we go to the same university.