Cable Needles

I have ordered cable needles, but am one of those extremely impatient people, so I have been experimenting with crochet hooks, double pointed needles, and even a curtain rod hook, that one gave me a hole in my finger when it slipped, anyone have a suggestion for a better substitution until they arrive?

Basically anything will work as a cable needle that will hold your yarn as you do the other stitches. I have used crochet hooks and even a dowel rod to hold the stitches and even a ink pen. Most anything that has a end you can knit off. Good luck

Crochet hooks and dpns work well as cable needles, as do chopsticks or skewers; there’s really no advantange to a cable needle. Wood things are probably less prone to slipping through the sts than metal, though a hook wouldn’t as much as something straight.

Yes, anything that comes to hand or, depending on how many sts are in your cable, you can even cable without a cable needle.

Very interesting, although I am not brave enough for that yet, I am doing my first cables EVER, and it is a hold one in front, knit two, then knit the first stitch, then the opposite with hold in back, etc. I am making a hat for a preemie (my great-nephew) and I am using a pattern that I made myself with graph paper and Microsoft Paint. If I knew how to post a pic, I would show you my progress. The only dpns I have are metal, and slipping has been the main problem with them, I guess I will wait until the mail runs tomorrow, smh.

Since you’re only holding one stitch, that makes it harder. Open up a paper clip partway and use that, it should be easier.

I sharpened both ends of a chopstick then sanded down the tip, necessity, the mother of invention.

I like the cheap plastic Clover brand cable needles that you can pick up at Joann’s. They come in three sizes and are small enough to not get in the way, even when I use them to cable on socks.

I like using the bamboo DPNs. Then I can just knit right off the DPN, but anything that’s grabby and about the right size will work.

When I started knitting I bought cable needles, which I hated because it took extra effort to keep the slipped stitches from falling off.
It was my very first “cables” project so I got frustrated to the point of trying a paper clip.
I loved how the paper clip held the stitches nicely until I was ready to use them , I haven’t used anything else since.
I even gave away my cable needles. :slight_smile:

I am doing my first cables EVER, and it is a hold one in front, knit two, then knit the first stitch, then the opposite with hold in back

I’m no pro when it comes to cables but if he is only holding one stitch in front then knitting shouldn’t he just knit one then knit one from the cable needle?

C1F would mean slip on on the cable hold in front knit one then knit one off the cable needle

It’s k2, k1 from cn, a lot of cables use 3 stitches.

That’s what I use as well. Since I started doing Magic Loop nearly exclusively, my poor Crystal Palace DPNs started collecting dust. But I do use them when cabling on socks. I use the Clover plastic ones for larger knits.

I’ve never used an honest to bob cable needle, I just use bamboo DPNs that are close to the same size as the needles I’m using. No fuss, no muss, just slip on, knit off.

I did read somewhere that a lady got in a bind and used a golf tee to hold the stitches she was cabling. But it seems like you’d have to put them back on the LH needle before you could knit them, and … well that just seems like time you don’t need to spend. Plus a golf tee is only going to work up to about a US 8 or so, so if you’re using needles much bigger than that it won’t work. Or… much smaller either I suppose.

If you inserted the tee from the left to right of the sts you need to slip, you could just knit off the tee itself. Actually anything smaller than the working needle size will work, opened paperclips are fine, even if you’re using bulky yarn. If you’re using smaller than 6s, some things like the tee, or chopsticks might be too large.

what’s a DPN?

Double Pointed Needle. I find them as easy as anything to use for cables. One one end, off the other, Bob’s your uncle, there’s your twist!