Cable Needles, multiple sizes?

I’m thinking of making my own cable needles…what size(s) should they be? I’ve never seen different sizes at the store. I like the wooden, two pointed straight kind (that looks like a small dpn).

Should they be in different sizes, or not? I’m thinking it won’t matter much, since it’s main job is to hold the stitches.

Thanks in advance.


Another question, I’m dying to try this. Could I use a size 3 or 7 dpn in a pinch until I can find my old metaly cable needles?

You CAN use anything you want…DPNs, drinking straws, pens, pencils, bird perches, etc…but, the longer the object, the more cumbersome it can be.

You dont HAVE to have a CN the same size as your working needles, because you will still be knitting ON to the right sized needle. BUT, if you are knitting with 15s, a size 3 CN may slip right out of the sts.

If you are making them yourself, you can do whatever feels good for you to use!

I’ve never had a cable needle. One more thing to lose in the couch. I always use a handy dpn. There are 5 in a package to lose. :smiley:

I love the metal cable needles that I have. It has that little bend in it to keep the stitches from falling off and that helps!

I’ve got two metal cable needles shaped like a J.
One is about size 3 and works well for cables on up to size 8 needles. The other is size 9, I think, and is great for anything above size 8, especially cables in bulky weight yarn.
I really like the curved cable needles since I don’t have stitches falling off and the pointed ends are hanging down when there are stitches on them and I don’t get stabbed. Since one leg of the cable needle is shorter than the other, I always slip onto the needle with the long leg and off with the short leg and I don’t have to worry about twisting the stitches on the cable needle. The little one is also the right size to just dangle from my little finger when I have eight or ten stitches between cable panels where I don’t need to use it. That way I don’t have to be constantly picking up and setting down the cable needle.
Now I’m going back to the front of my Aran sweater and more cable :XX: :XX: :XX:


Thanks, Kelly. You really confirmed my suspicions! Appreciate it. Definitely will be buying some dowels today at Wal-Mart!