Cable needles: can't you just use a dp needle instead?

Or would I have to buy one special? I r confused.

You can use a dpn, a skewer, a hairpin, a straightened paper clip, anything you have lying around that’s smaller than your needle in place of a cable needle.

You can use anything but make sure it’s not too slippery. I use bamboo DPNs a lot.

the only reason for using a special cable needle is because they are a little shorter so don’t get in the way so much, and some are specially shaped or textured to stop the stitches slipping off whilst you are manouvering.

I’m going to try a bamboo dpn next time because the little aluminum cable needle I have is way too slippery.

I used to use a bamboo dpn for all my cable work until I bought the Knitpicks Harmony cable needles. These have grooves and are shorter than my 7" bamboo dpns.

I totally agree on the aluminum cable needle being to slippery. I had it falling out of my work all the time driving me crazy. I just bought a set of 3 bamboo cable ones. I love using bamboo knitting needles so that may be part of it, at least for me. As far as using my dpn’s, they seemed a bit long for my work.

you can use anything , i’ve seen my grandmother using saftey pin too.

I use a dpn. I have a cable needle necklace that I use to knit cables when I’m knitting in public.

I’ve used a wooden cocktail stick in the past when doing cables on bootees as I needed something with a small diameter to avoid stretching the stitches

I use a crochet hook. The hook on the end catches the stitches if it slips while I can knit off the plain end.