Cable mistakes

Anyone have a link for fixing mistakes in cables? (How the heck do you take them out stitch by stitch?) Thanks!

oh boy…are they just crossed the wrong way or what? I tried to fix a cable before (haven’t seen a video) and I never was able to be successful. Just frogged it. It think it might depend on how complicated the pattern is and how many rows you need to go back to decide whether or not it would be worth it to try.

Actually, I haven’t made any mistakes YET. :smiley: But the sweater I’m knitting has lots of cables, and I’d like to know how to fix cable mistakes, should they happen… (Yikes!)

You can drop the offending stitches, I think, but I’ve heard someone on here say it’s a real PITA to fix cables that way. I guess it depends on what went wrong, though. Get the crochet hook at the ready and give it a go :wink:

I watched Elizabeth Zimmermann do it on the Knitting Glossary DVD & she made it LOOK easy…but I couldn’t do it! She just drops down & hooks the sts back with a crochet hook, like Angelia said…I found that I had to tink all the way back, tho…I kept dropping more sts when I tried to correct it…practice, I guess :thinking:

I’ve done it for simple cables, but only if there was only one cable reversed. I just dropped all four stitches down to where the cable crossed, then reversed them and put them back on the cable needle that way and worked up one at a time with the crochet hook. It was a pain, though. I’d never want to attempt doing more than one cross, though.

It’s so ironic that this question came up here and I had to do this very thing last night! It was a simple twist and I only had to drop two rows to rework the four stiches. I think I’d go crazy if I had to drop down lower or make more changes, though. I used bamboo dpns to help keep the stitches from sliding off while I was working.