Cable knitting in the round?

I’m new to cable knitting, so I’m wondering about this. I have the book Knitting Over the Edge, and I’m doing a diamond pattern (on p.99 if you have the book) that is a cable knit decorative edging. The directions for the pattern explain what to do for 20 rows, but it is if you’re knitting flat.

It says that with row 2 and all even rows, purl. At first I thought, no problem, I can just knit if I want stockinette (in the round). Then I thought, wait, won’t that give me a plain strip of stockinette in the middle of my otherwise cabled pattern?

So do I not do those rows at all? My stitch pattern would be one of 10 rows instead of 20? Wouldn’t that come out all squat and funky? Should I repeat the directions for the odd numbered rows twice? 1 and then 1 again, 3, 3, etc?

If the pattern calls for you to purl all the way across for the back, then you will get the same look if you knit all the way across on the front. Your first instinct was correct.

Yup, I’m knitting cables in the round right now – knit every other row and you’ll be fine :smiley: