Cable instruction problem

Hi there, I’m interested in making a blanket that involves a c4 (cross 4) cable the instructions read:
C4 (cross 4) Slip next st onto cn and hold in front, k 3rd st on LH needle, k frist and 2nd sts, k1 from cn.

I am a little confused on how to do this. Thanks for any help. Its from the quick knits, cool projects book if anyone has it. its the Celtic Traditions blanket,

After you slip the 4 stitches onto the cable needle, you’re knitting the remaining sitches in a different order so they’ll make a twist.

I guess i’m still not getting it. the pattern row reads: K2, C4 *k3, c4; rep from * across, end last rep k2

C4= slip next st to cable needle and hold in front, knit 3rd st on left hand needle, knit 1st and 2nd sts, knit 1 from cable needle.

so i knit those two then move all four stiches onto my cable need instead of just one? I was trying to do it by moving the first three onto the cable needle, knitting that fourth one i guess then moving the last two from the cable need to the lh needle, knit those two then knit the one left on the cable needle but it still didn’t look right

This is an unusual stitch–not your basic cable. It looks like you’re pretty much knitting them all out of order.

You really just have to follow the instructions. Slip the first stitch onto the cable needle and hold in front; Then knit the 3rd stitch in from the tip on the left needle. You’ll just pull the loop through and not slide anything off. Then, with that loop still on the right needle, you’ll knit the other two stitches in ‘proper’ order. Then slide them off.

Then you knit the stitch off of the cable needle.

I’ll try that, I’ll just have to not be so clumsy pulling the stitch through those other two and not pull them off! thanks

Sorry if I confused you more; I misread and thought you moved 4 sts to the cable needle. Do what Ingrid wrote…