Cable in the round - help!!

Hi all - first time attempting what I hoped was a pretty simple cable on circular needles but I’m getting v confused between rounds 2 and 3 in the ‘body’ instructions and the round instructions in the cable pattern block.
Pics of the pattern excerpt and the top attached

Is round 2 in the ‘body’ the whole 12 row cable pattern in knit, and round 3 the whole 12 row cable pattern but with a purl on the cable rows or have I misread completely??
Help!! :sweat_smile:


The cable itself is always knit sts on every round. The remainder of the sts are knit on even number rounds and purl on odd number rounds.


The Cable pattern is only worked on the 12 sts that are marked off with markers. The rest of the Body is worked with either Knit sts or Purl sts.


@salmonmac @knitcindy Thanks both so much - the thing I’m wrestling with is not the cable element so much but applying the cable pattern to the body pattern and how many rounds I’m doing in between the cable? It can’t be on each body round otherwise the cable would be super tight wouldn’t it?
Hope I’m making sense! Thanks

The cable only crosses on rows 3 and 9. Otherwise the cable pattern is knit. There are 5 rows of knit sts only in the cable pattern between cable cross rows.
Keep track of which row of the cable pattern you’re on so that you’ll know when to work the C8F, k4 or K4, C8B.

@salmonmac ahhh, OK. So i essentially just switch to the cable pattern box for the rest of the body part - that makes much more sense but…when and where does the purl round come in tho? (Sorry to keep at this!!)

Work the cable pattern box only over the 12 sts that are between the markers. All other sts (that’s the majority of sts) are alternate knit and purl rounds.

Knitting every round gives you the nice smooth stockinette pattern on the 12 cable sts.
Alternating a knit round then a purl round on all the other sts gives you garter stitch.
The garter stitch forms a nice contrast that makes the cable band stand out on the front.

Amazing, thank you. So in short I’ll work in garter (I want the cable to pop!) bar every 3rd and 9th row when the cable gets worked - and between the stich markers its knit regardless!
Sound about right?

That’s right. Always knit the cable. Alternate knit and purl rounds for all other sts.
Keep looking at your knitting to make sure you’re on track. It’ll help to also keep track of the round you’re on so that the cable crosses are correctly spaced.
Enjoy working this pretty top!

Great stuff, thank you so much - looking forward to getting this project moving now. :grin:

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