Cable crisis, HELP!

Hey ya’ll:
So I’m knitting along on my cabled pocket shawl from knitpicks and knit a row with cables last night while falling asleep…Bad Idea, I picked it up this morning and noticed that I had forgotten to pick up the 3 sts on the cable needle from the first cable!!! So they’re just dangling there, like a dropped stitch.

Should I tink back to that cable and risk screwing up my other cables (I kind suck at tinking) or is there a way I can both pick up those stitches from the purl side AND cross them at the same time?

Thanks for your advice!


This should help you

This is going to be one of the “lock myself in the bathroom so no one bothers me” moments but I think I could handle this! I was really hoping the woman who knits at my work would be here today to do it for me but I guess this is the learning moment.

Keep your fingers crossed for me as this is a Christmas gift!