Cable and Fair Isle Baby Dress

A gal on Ravelry shared a Ralph Lauren little girl’s dress with cables and Fair Isle back in September and challenged others to try to replicate it. This is very different but the RL was the inspiration for this one.

This is my own design. The RL was short sleeved, gathered, had pockets and, of course the colors and patterns/cables were completely different.

Here is the back–

And here are a couple of detail pictures.

I love the way it turned out. The colors are not real true, but it is a bright yellow, dark navy, lt. blue, chocolate brown, tan and salmon pink.

OMG!!! :passedout:

I saw this little dress when it was only the skirt when Merigold and I met for coffee in mid-October!

Wow, Merigold…this has turned out FABULOUS! I wanna grow up to be half as creative as you are!!!

Just fantastico!

And, btw, knitters…her husband is just a creative as she is!
You should see the hats he has designed!!!

Way to go Merigold!!! :cheering:

That is amazing. You are very talented.

:thud:WOW you are one talented knitter:cheering:Beautiful just beautiful !!!

Merigold I absolutely love the dress it’s so energetic and whimsical. It may not be RL but it’s magnificent.

:cheering::yay: Yay! Congratulations on completing such a wonderful dress! It is a work of art.


That is just stunning! Beautiful work :cheering: :cheering:

What wonderful workmanship, it all looks beautiful and the design is really neat. You’ve done a great job.

OMIGOD that is just GORGEOUS!!! You are SOOOOO talented!! I hope you made a pattern because I sooo want to make that!!!

Oh wow, that is just beautiful! The colors are nice and bright and I
love the cables you used :slight_smile:


That is stunning!!:yay:

What is left to say when everyone has already said it.
Will the pattern be wriiten down? (Fingers crossed) :slight_smile:

What a lovely little dress. great job.

What a beautiful little dress for some lucky little girl! I can’t imagine being able to design something like that. Lovely, lovely work.

:passedout: That is just amazing little dress!!! You’re so talented :notworthy:

:passedout: Drop-dead gorgeous!!! :inlove:

Beautiful little dress, outstanding work!:cheering:

This dress is so cute!!

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I took the dress over to my DD this morning. She had seen it in progress and when it was done except for the buttons and a redo on the sewing of one sleeve. She likes it. We haven’t tried it on the baby yet. She was overly tired this morning and it wasn’t a good time. I actually hate trying things on babies; they don’t like it. :slight_smile: I’ll try to add a picture of her wearing it when I get one.

I took a few notes when I made the pattern and of course have the instructions for the cables (they are all in Harmony stitch guides) and the Fair Isle I charted, but I changed the colors even from what I had written down (how my brain hurt sometimes trying to figure out what to do :eyes: ) but it would be a job to write the pattern and I don’t know if that is happening. I just sort of decided as I went what I needed to do next and I don’t know if it is all written down anywhere.

I posted that last evening and immediately had to leave to go to work. I checked the thread this a.m. when I was at DD’s house, but couldn’t reply until now. I really appreciate the replies. :hug: