Cable 5

Just wondering how you do this st
It says sl3 stiches on cable needle and leave at back . Kn2 slip the p st from cable needle back onto left hand K needle bring the 2 stiches on Cable needle to front p st from left hand needle then kn 2 from cable
Am I just thick. Cannot find no videos at all about this
Please point me right direction X

Just don’t no what st is the p

It would be helpful if you could give us a pattern name and a link to the pattern. (don’t post the pattern here please because of copyrights)

It was baby cable cardigan from ebay

What are the 3sts that you slip to the cable needle? Is it possible that one of them is a purl?
You could quote exactly the row before this one and the cable row and that would be helpful. Don’t give us a large portion of the pattern as that interferes with copyrights.

Just the name would be helpful.

It sound like to me you put the next 3 stiches on your cable needle, and put it to the back of your knitting. You would then knit 1 from your needle (not your cable needle) and then put 1 stich from your cable needle back onto the needle you got it from. Take the 2 stitches on the cable needle, and move them to the front of your knitting. Then that stitch that you moved back to your needle, purl it. Then with the 2 stiches on the cable needle, you need to knit those.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Thankyou I’ll give it a go

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No worries! Let me know if it works or not, and I’ll try and help you from there! I’ve been quite into cable knitting recently, so I’m sure we can work it out together eventually! :slight_smile: