Cabbage Patch Dolls

Anyone know where you can find free patterns for cabbage patch dolls. I did not even realize they were back in style, I had them when I was a child and was shocked to hear my cousins have asked for them for Christmas! They are also asking for clothing for the dolls of course, so I thought I might be able to locate some cute patterns. Any ideas?

Here is one!

What about measuring one and finding infant/toddler outfits and adjusting for size? :shrug:

I’m not sure how big the regular size dolls are (my kids had preemies), but I think maybe the preemie size clothing might work.

KPC- Preemie clothes
Some of the doll clothes are for baby dolls and may fit as well.
KPC - doll clothes

ETA: I found this info… so it seems preemie may fit based on this as well.

Size of Cabbage Patch Kids: Standard Cabbage Patch dolls (also known widely as Cabbage Patch Kids) run 15 to 16" in size. However, many variations of the dolls in many sizes have been made.

Thank you guys very much. I have actually started a premie pattern and I showed it to a friend who has children with cabbage patch kids and she thought it would fit just fine. Hope it works out - otherwise I am sure the kids will make it fit somehow right? Thank you for your imput and ideas! :happydance: