C2B? What does this mean?

I’m a new knitter and I’m trying to figure out what this means…

I am working on the Lock and Key Dreadlock hat pattern @ http://hotcoalsonly.blogspot.com/2006/07/lock-key.html and I am stuck on round 3. Rnd 3: [k2, p1, C2B, p1] to end. I’m not sure what C2B means.

In the Materials it has listed MC=main color(green), CC1=contrasting color 1 (black), and also, CC2=contrasting color 2(white). Am I supposed to use a knit stich of black or combine some or what? If i do switch or alternate colors in this third round, how do i go about doing that?

If I had more time to post I would show you a picture of my poor little hat.


C2B is a cable stitch using 2 stitches- one crossed over the other. There may be pattern instructions somewhere for how to do it, but basically you take one stitch off your left needle (put it on a spare dpn, cable needle, toothpick, hairpin, whatever…) and knit the next one, then knit (or purl, depending on your instructions) the one off the stitch holder.

C2B is literally a cable 2 to the back. Slip the first stitch to your cable needle (or whatever you choose to hold the stitch) and hold it to the back of your work. Then knit the next stitch on your needle, then knit the stitch on your cable needle. There should be directions for this somewhere on the pattern, usually toward the top. HTH.

Easiest way to do this is knit into back of second st on left needle THEN k the 1st st on left ndl and drop both. No need for cable needle. If the instr were for C2F you’d knit into the front of the 2nd st (instead of the back).


Thanks for the responses. All very helpful. I would have been lost forever.