Buying yarn poll

no lys reall convienent. soooo…which would go to? :grphug:

well neither store, in my area, has a selection that makes me all that happy but if they were the only choices i had, i would go with michaels. their selection is a lot of fun fur and baby yarn but it is more broad than my Joann’s is.

Michael’s has more of a selection of natural fibers (not that many, but some), Joann’s sometimes has a better selection of colors. It depends on what type of yarn you are looking for.

I would go straight to the internet!

the only thing any of the stores my mother took me to in (upstate) NY had was araucania nature wool. nice for felting, but it’s not really shopping if you don’t even get to pick??? (I don’t count “fun fur” as yarn!)

My Joann’s has a MUCH bigger knitting section than Michaels. I don’t know about others, but that’s how it is here. But then, they’re both in the same shopping center, so it doesn’t really matter much.

I would go to neither. Unfortunately, I have found that my area Joann’s and Michael’s have very disappointing yarn and knitting selection. Though there is an amazing Joann Fabrics in IL that I’ve been to. I loved that store.

I have a Michaels close by that has a decent yarn section, but Joann’s has a lot more. Unfortunately I can’t go there by myself, so I end up buying most of my yarn at Michaels. I think it depends on your area, the sizes of the stores and the sections they have seem to vary quite a bit.

Interesting! My Michael’s has a much larger selection than my Jo-Ann’s, though I have found that Jo-Ann has a better selection of needles and other accessories. Unless there is a sale, I try not to shop at either because I feel the yarn is overpriced relative to the quality. Nonetheless, an awful lot of Michael’s/Jo-Ann yarn makes its way into my stash! :lol:

My local stores have different selections, so if I can’t find it one place, I’ll try the other – A.C. Moore also has an even third set of things.

For price though, can’t beat KnitPicks for comparable (or better!) pricing and definitely better fibers.

i don’t have a Joann’s in my area (that i know of), but i do know that they have an online store, and Michaels doesnt (just a website). You may also want to check for a Hobby Lobby or A.C. Moore in your area. those are 2 more popular chain craft stores.

I have both stores but I rarely go to Michael’s. I prefer ACMoore over Joanns for yarn.

while i prefer michael’s in general the joann near me has 4 and a half aisles of yarn/knitting supplies where michael’s only has 2. definitely a much larger selection.

My joann’s has hardly any yarn. :shrug:

Joann’s and Michael’s are right across the street from each other, where I live. If I don’t want to wait for my online stash to arrive, I go with which ever has the best sale.

My answer is “it depends”…on which store, etc… If I go near home then the Michaels is better, but if I go a few extra miles the Joanns is better. You really need to check how they are in your area. :shrug:

Michaels in my area, however I prefer AC Moore to Michaels.

I vote a big neither also. I was at both Joann’s and Michaels the other day and didn’t see anything I would spend my money on.

Give me Little Knits or Webs anyday.

Susan (the yarn snob)

I have a LYS that I love (but they are only open four days a week and they are only open 10am-4pm). I have a Michael’s that is very close by that I will occasionally buy yarn at, but their prices are a bit higher than my local Wal-Mart. Their acrylic yarns are about .30 more per skein than Wally World. If I had to pick between Michael’s and JoAnn, I would pick JoAnn simply because they have really awesome sales on yarn on a fairly regular basis and their selection is better than my Michael’s; however, I prefer to patronize the local Hobby Lobby for yarn. They have smokin’ hot sales (you just can’t beat .99 sales!) and the most amazing selection of yarns I’ve ever seen.

ohh, yes u can! :happydance: they had a .50 sale last time i was there :woot:

wow :shock:
i didnt except so many responses! we ended up going to joanns, mom picked out burgandy acrylic for her scarf, and a white acrylic for her hat( i wanted to get some nice wool to try… but she said she didn’t like any… too itchy :verysad: ). her choices. i got some patons to make little felted shoes for dd. wish me luck :pout: i think i am going to do the good ole cable scarf…

thanks agian for participating