Buying patterns

I know there are plenty of sources of free patterns, and most of the things I make are from free or magazine patterns. However, I keep finding patterns online that I LOVE, but the shipping $ is crazy. For example, I fell in love with this, Curlicue Coverlet and I found it for sale on several websites. I didn’t mind spending the $5, but the EXTRA $5 for shipping?! I finally gave in and got it, but then I found this pattern. Same thing, and this time I’ve wanted the pattern for over a year, so I know I really want it.

I feel like I can’t just keep paying $10 for patterns, but I’m not sure how successful I would be digging around at my LYS for such specific patterns either - too much danger of finding 5 other patterns I can’t live w/o, but still not finding the one I’m looking for, lol.

Are there any good websites that have really low shipping for PIECES OF PAPER? Or is it better to ask my LYS to order patterns for me if they don’t have them?

I don’t buy many patterns, but I did buy one from an online source. It was either emailed to me or there was a way I could download it from the website once I had paid. I’ll see if I can find the name of that company. Obviously that eliminates the shipping.

After buying a few books and magazines then finding this site and the links to places that have 100’s of free patterns. well it does take a long time to go though 400 sock patterns to find one I like, but I did think free is better.

Then a few weeks ago I was in a quilting store and they had a lot of books including some knitting books. Man! What awesome patterns I found. I didn’t buy any of them and don’t remember the titles, but I said I would return and check them out again.

So books and magazines are an alternative to $5-$10 patterns.

Well, buying a single pattern is cheaper than buying a whole book for one pattern. Maybe you could find some other patterns to add to it so the shipping is spread out that way. :shrug:

KnitPicks has $1.29 downloads for their patterns, and they are sent straight to your e-mail, and no shipping charge.

Lion Brand does too, as well as a few places here and there if you look around on line. I’m like you, bip–I have a problem with paying just as much (if not MORE!) for shipping and handling as I did for the cost of the pattern! :!!!: In this day and age, I believe everybody should offer downloadable patterns in addition to paying for shipped patterns (I realize not everybody can or wants to download patterns from the internet)–the customer saves on shipping and handling charges and gets the pattern in a matter of minutes, the company saves on postage and shipping materials as well as the money it would take somebody to fill that order.

I also don’t like to pay $5 for a pattern, plus shipping, either.

I always end up buying lots of yarn to go with the pattern (even if it’s not for the pattern) to justify the shipping. :rofl: :rofl: :oops:

I tend to do that a lot, too.

l email or call my LYS regarding a partcular pattern of interest. They do all the searching for me. If they have the pattern or order the pattern, they contact me once it’s ready for pick up along with with appropriate yarns in various price ranges for me to look through. I :heart: my LYS.

here are some sites for you to buy and download patterns from

Buying and shipping one pattern makes me crazy too! But you know what I hate more? Sites that tell you that you can buy a copy for $5 or download a copy for $6.50. THAT takes me right off that site never to return.

There are a few of sites that have free shipping. Is one the Naked Sheep? I can’t remember the others. KPixie has an option for shipping only patterns for $2. Knitty Noddy also has cheap shipping for patterns, and I like her cuz her shipping for yarn is cheap, too. If you just need one ball, it’s just $1.51, and less for patterns. KnitPicks shipping is always reasonable. And I’ve been told that more and more vendors are willing to reduce the shipping cost if you call them and ask them for just one pattern.

I’ve never seen that before!! Weird! Although I would probably do it if it still ended up being cheaper than shipping.

I don’t think charges much for just a pattern… I have downloaded some and ordered some… it’s been so long since I just ordered a pattern I can’t remeber :teehee: but I’m pretty sure it was a fair amount… I love sites that allow me to download them :happydance: