Buying #2 sport weight/fine yarn in bulk


Hello, I am trying to buy supplies for a dress pattern that is going to require somewhere between 8,000-9,000 yards of size 2/sport weight/fine yarn. If I buy 40 x 200yd skeins/balls it’s going to cost a fortune. I’ve tried looking for bulk options on amazon, Craftsy, Michael’s, and ACMoore and I’m not finding anything. I would prefer to use acrylic or wool but everything seems to be cotton. But honestly at this point I’m not too picky about the fiber anymore I just want ANYTHING in bulk that isn’t crazy expensive. Does anyone know where I can find decent sport weight yarn in bulk??


This may be of interest if you are UK based. I haven’t bought from them myself, but they have been recommended to me by someone who does buy from them often. Apparently, it’s better to phone them and explain what you are looking for as their stock is usually far greater than what is shown online.


Check out Colourmart. Everything’s in cones so you can get quite a bit of yarn in one go. They sell lots of different fibers, including wools, silk, yak, etc. I know a lot of people on Ravelry that go to them for large quantities of lighter-weight higher-quality yarn.

They’re from the UK, so the yarn weights aren’t listed the way you might expect. Their Ravelry group has some good info to help steer you through.