Buy yarn to save the rainforest!

The Rainforest Site

If you purchase these natural yarns the site will somehow preserve at least 1145 square feet of rainforest per skein purchased.

They’ve got lots of other great stuff, but I figured you guys would especially like the yarn.

I bought some of the banana fiber and recycled silk. I can’t wait for them to arrive! I really feel as though buying yarn from this place is justified, even if it does just add to my stash.

Damnit! I wanted the banana fibers one but it doesn’t ship internationally sulk Oh well… I tried to get a ring from shop too but it didn’t do international either. Shame, cause the things they do send internationally has a very fair international shipping system.

Fi xx

I’m always sceptical of this sort of thing. Can’t find any listing for any legit charity on this.

I must admit…I feel a little like Mason which is NO reflection on the good intentions of the poster (which were lovely indeed). Mason…at the bottom of the site page is a reference to what sounds like a ‘central’ charity group. Is that an organisation you can ring and make an enquiry to? It certainly talks about distributing funds. I guess my eyes raised at the area suggested would be saved per skein. To be honest, I would have found 1 square metre more credible.

It also just struck me why a company wanting to promote environmental causes would sell yarn in a plastic cup…??

I searched around on there, went down to Contact us, then Common Questions and this is what I found:

[I][B] Is The Rainforest Site a nonprofit organization? [/B]
The Rainforest Site is [I]not[/I] a nonprofit organization and cannot accept financial donations directly. [/I]
[I] is the nonprofit foundation arm of The Rainforest Site and the GreaterGood Network. has applied for and is awaiting its 501©(3) status. When granted, that status will be retroactive to March 21, 2006.

[I][B] How Do I Know This is Real? [/B]
There are a number of ways you can be assured that The Rainforest Site is for real. [/I]
[I] Read the article on our suite of click-to-give sites, including The Rainforest Site, at Wikipedia.

Then they list 4 groups for you to contact (physical address, phone, email and web addresses) directly to make sure the group is legit: The Nature Conservancy, Rainforest Conservation Fund, World Land Trust - US, Friends of Calakmul.

They give all the contact info of these groups if you want to confirm this is a honest site.

I’ve been going to and it’s other forms for about 7 years now - as long as it’s been going, anyway - they’ve done a lot of good works and it’s just a couple of clicks a day.