Two questions. How many holes should sweater buttons have or does it matter?

And would these be better suited to a lighter colored yarn?

Hi Mike, I usually s[pace my buttons about 4" apart, trying for an odd number. I think you’re right about those buttons. I would use them on something a lot lighter. You might try to match the darkest color in your sweater.:star: Ellie

Color is a personal preference, but I’d use them on a much lighter sweater. That yarn is beautiful and you don’t want peoples eyes to be drawn first to the buttons.

I didn’t think about the odd numbers. The pattern calls for six buttons. It’s strange I didn’t pick that up, I’m always telling customers they need an odd number of stones.

I’m going to have to try something like scrimshaw or surface carving to get these to accept dye.
Besides liking dark colors I’m more of a pull over guy and don’t want too many cardigans.

If those are antler, then you can also use a torch to scorch them to darken them and then coat with a varnish or varethane. That’s what we did at the leather shop.

If I could thank you twice I would :muah:

It’s probably a good job for outdoors, it has to smell worse than sawing them.

Thanks Plantgoddess+, that looks a lot better.

Those look 100% better! They are beautiful.

Wow, they are beautiful!

They ARE gorgeous! (If the relatives didn’t insist on hanging all antlers on the wall after hunting season, I’d make some myself!)

Just curious… how are you going to sew them on?? Since, they have a hole in the center… instead of 2 or 4 small holes for the thread.

They are beautiful and look great on the sweater.

They turned out really beautifully!

You could just sew one side…almost like a toggle, if that makes any sense at all. I can picture it in my head, but I doubt I can explain it right in words. Stitch the side of the button away from the button hole/loop, so that when you button the sweater, the button hole goes over the button and is then caught on the thread holding the button on.

Did that make sense?:teehee:

I try to use everything, finding something to do with the antlers other than laying in a pile or hanging on a wall makes knitting even better.

It might be a little late but you could look around for sheds. This was a half rack I’ve had for years trying to figure out something I could do with it. It couldn’t hurt to ask around now.

I used a compound miter saw to cut them, but plan on making a jig for a small circular saw.
The torch I used to get the mottled effect was very small with a needle tip from a dog syringe. Maybe one of the small handhelds would be similar.

It’s not a hole in the center, it’s like marrow but denser. It was the only part that accepted the die when I first attempted to darken them.

I didn’t know if yarn buttons should have 2 or 4 holes. I decided on 2 holes spaced a stitch apart.
If I have problems I can always add 2 more.